Saturday 10 February 2018

Oxford United Women vs Tottenham Hotspurs Ladies

Oxford United Women are in action this weekend against Tottenham Hotspurs Ladies.

Following a disappointing FA Cup exit on penalties to Cardiff City, Oxford will be looking to bounce back in style in the league. Having beaten Aston Villa in their last league game The Yellows can look to that performance to replicate.

Manager Andy Cook was frustrated with the loss last weekend, which was compounded by injuries to the side. “Look, we are not the first team and we won't be the last team to go out on penalties to a lower league team. We hit the post a few times and the bar. The formation we had was 1-3-6 in the end, so let’s be honest - we should have won it in 90 minutes, then we should have won it in 120 minutes and penalties is a nothing end. I hope Cardiff do well in the competition now. They won and that’s all there is to it. The bigger issue is we have lost two players in that game and now moving forward we will have to rearrange the team due to that. I hope they make full recoveries but they look like they are long-term injuries.”

Moving on, though, Andy is focused on the job ahead this weekend. “Three points, a win is the focus. This part of the season is all about points on the board and moving up the table. I can talk all day about what we need to do here and there and who needs to do this and that but it’s simply down to beating the team that’s put in front of you. Finding ways to win, looking for solutions not problems.”

Oxford United Women away to Tottenham Hotspurs Ladies kicks off at 14:00 this Sunday, and you can follow any updates from the team on our Twitter: @OfficialOUWFC.